You Should Read The Report Wrexham County Borough Council Ict Services Transformatio 3087009

You should read the report “Wrexham County Borough Council ICT Services Transformation and Investment Assessment” and “Wrexham County Borough Council ICT and Digital Strategy 2017 – 2020” available on LMS under the ISYS90048 Assignment A02 folder. As supportive documentation there is also the “ICT Services in Wrexham County Borough Council Glossary of terms and abbreviations” found in the council’s digital stragtegy. The purpose of the Wrexham County Borough Council’s ICT Services Transformation and Investment Assessment is to provide an indication of the current service operation adopted by the council and a vision of the potential future state at ICT services. The document assesses options for the future delivery of ICT functions in line with the agreed re-shaping of services and service delivery models for ICT. Wrexham County Borough Council is undergoing change of an unprecedented scale, with business transformation projects and programmes and technology level transformation. With ICT at the heart and systemically embedded in all of its operations, the aim is to designed to deliver services efficiently in a manner increasingly demanded by both an evolving employee base and more crucially the service users. Wrexham County Borough Council outlines the approach that the Council will take for the deployment and development of a future state. The Council’s ICT Services Transformation and Investment Assessment outlines their proposed future state as a: ‘Centralised Model’ an ‘Enterprise Architecture Led Approach’, a ‘Service Oriented Approach’ and ‘Enhanced Core and Network Infrastructure’. As indicated in Wrexham County Borough Council’s ICT and Digital Strategy 2017-2020, Wrexham Council’s vision is to be “a strong and inclusive community leader” ensuring “Wrexham and its people are supported to fulfill their potential, prosper and achieve a high standard of well-being”. In support of this, the Council has identified four strategic themes: People, Place, Economy and Organisation, each of which contains a number of priority outcomes. ICT & Digital services will play a fundamental role in supporting priority outcomes by: – Providing the technological infrastructure to allow the economy to develop. – Supporting the delivery, performance and management of Council services. – Growing the availability of self- service to employees, members and customers. – Supporting employees and members in their day to day roles. – Providing Members & Managers with the data to inform their decision making. – Supporting members, employees and customers in growing their digital skills to make best use of technology. Wrexham County Borough Council’s aim is to “use the power of digital technology to transform the way the Council works and how we encourage and support our communities”. The overriding principle of ICT & Digital services at Wrexham County Borough Council is to “simplify, standardise and share”. Assume that you have been asked to evaluate ‘Wrexham County Borough Council’s ICT and Digital Strategy 2017-2020’ and ‘Wrexham County Borough Council ICT Services Transformation and Investment Assessment’ and provide a proposal on how to align the Council’s service and infrastructure direction(s) with recognised ICT framework criteria you have identified.



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