You Have To Review The Design Of A Cantilevered Concrete Retaining Wall Designed For 3295689

You have to review the design of a cantilevered concrete retaining wall designed for the height and soil as shown in the figure. Please check the design and provide your recommendation for the following situation: – 200 psf Surcharge load on top of the backfill material Lean clay at foundation same soil for backfill Dry unit weight of soil Cohesion/adhesion of the clay/concrete Bearing capacity of the soil Active earth pressure coefficient Ignore the effect of ground water table Unit weight of concrete . – 115 pcf – 1200 psf -8,000 psf 0.4 -150 pcf Please ignore the effect of surcharge load in resisting moment calculation. In addition, please ignore the effect of passive earth pressure developed at the toe of the retaining wall 11 ft 2 ft 6 ft Ground water table



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