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You have taken up a new job in Perth, Western Australia. Both your partner and you are very
keen on wanting to build your own home. You come across the Keystart initiative
( by the government of Western Australia and have found out
that you and your partner are eligible to apply. You have decided to submit an application, but
will have to do the following:
• Identify the suburb you want to build and decide the land size you want to buy (this
will depend on the budget you are willing to spend on the land)
• Research the market and identify potential home builders who will construct your
dream home.
• Finalise the layout /design and agree on the cost to build the house with the chosen
• Enter into a deal
o Sign a land contract with the land developer – you will need to pay a deposit of
o Sign a Pre-Work Construction (PWC) contract with the builder – you need to
pay a deposit of AUD$2000
(in both contracts you have inserted the following clause: Deposit to be returned to
client (in full) in the event of failure to obtain finance approval).
• Finally, you are now ready to submit an application to Keystart (can be done through
the builder) to obtain finance to build your dream home.
The above activities can be efficiently managed through key project management processes.
Where possible, you can also aim to implement lean project management principles to
successfully manage the above activities.
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects Term 2, 2019
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This assessment is to be done INDIVIDUALLY.
Your tasks:
Answer the following questions:
1. Select and explain the project management processes (either from PMBOK or
PRINCE2 or a combination of any best practices you have learned in this unit) that
can help you:
a. Choose the suburb and decide the land size
b. Chose the best builder
c. Identify the stakeholders for the project
2. What are the factors that will influence the design and layout of your dream home?
Explain the project management processes you used to determine the design/layout.
3. Explain how you would implement lean best practices to achieve lean project
management for (1) and (2) above.



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