You Have Been Chosen To Be Part Of A New Task Force Created By The Mayor Venues Fusi 2912997

You have been chosen to be part of a new task force created by the Mayor Venues Fusion of Gotham City.  The task force is looking at budgetary shortfalls and city-wide preparedness of disasters for the coming fiscal year.  You have been assigned to explore the cost of an outbreak of an easily spreadable high-risk disease.

For this assignment, you will focus on exploring how best to create a presentation to present to the mayor addressing the outbreak of a disease in Gotham City, a poverty-stricken city.

PowerPoint presentation of at least 13 slides:

Introduction Slides (3 to 4 slides) – The introduction should cover the following:

Explain in broad terms the possible disease that is affecting the city.

Discuss social-economic details of the community affected by the outbreak.

Plan of Action (8 to 10 slides) – Address the outbreak’s effect on and use of resources including manpower , money , and medicine .

Conclusion (2 to 3 slides) – Present the best course of action to treat and contain the outbreak. Highlight the use of resources and overall impact on the community suffering from the outbreak.

A separate, last slide for a Reference list in APA formatting.

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