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Assessment 2 — what’s that all about?
You have been approached by a major environmental group to provide an unbiased and objective examination of the economics of micro-plastic pollution from tyre wear and tear. You are required to provide: • an overview of issues related to micro-plastic pollution from tyre wear and tear, inclusive of the extent/size of the problem and the Context potential economic costs borne by both individuals and society. • a description of the relevant economic theory to explain the effects of tyre wear and tear on economic efficiency of private car consumption (travel) Questions about externality (Focus • a critical analysis of on negative externality theory) • an economic policy solution that would result in an economic efficiency outcome • a reduction in micro-plastic pollution from wear and tear of tyres as a result of an innovation After present theory, have to provide critical analysis of economic policies solution that results in economic efficiency outcome (Ex. How to swift demand curve back to align with the efficient level of car travel, etc)



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