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You are to make a list of diets. There are countless diets to choose from You will need to list 15 of them. After listing the diets you will need to:

1.determine whether they are healthy or unhealthy

2. Write sentence of why not healthy.

To define a healthy diet use the following two tools.

1. An unhealthy diet will have a weight lose greater than 2.2 pounds per week.

2. An unhealthy diet will have one restrict (severely) any of the nutrients or eliminate them from ones diet.

The form for this assignment is as follows:

For example:

1. Atkins Diet Unhealthy The Atkins Diet says to severely restrict carbohydrates.

Once you complete the assignment, type your information in a Word Document or Excel spreadsheet, save it and be sure to attach it to the “attach file” along with any comments you wish to add. Then submit.

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