You Are To Implement A Computer Based Dice Game Called Dice Wars This Is A Dice Game 3653455

Example of from Assignment Brief:
You are to implement a computer-based dice game called Dice Wars. This is a dice game for 2 or more
players. Each player is racing to reach a target score by beating their opponent’s total dice roll. The first
player to reach or exceed the target score is declared the winner! Any number of players may play,
however, for the basic assignment you only need to make a 2-player game.
Dice Wars is a digital spin-off of the card game War, in which 2 players vie for supremacy by winning the
most battles to earn the highest score over a series of rounds. The basic game play in each round is as
• Both players roll their die simultaneously.
• The player with the higher value scores the combined total of the dice while the loser scores
• Players keep rolling the dice and adding to their score.
• If both values are the same:
o The combined total is saved (war bonus) and the dice are rolled again.
o The winner scores the value of both dice plus the value of the war bonus.
o Multiple ties will increment the war bonus each time, so a larger score is possible on a single win!
• The winner is the first player to reach or exceed the target.
Project Plan
Having a clear plan for your project before you begin coding is essential for finishing a successful project
on time and with minimal stress. So part of this assignment is defining what will be in your project and
what you need to do to actually develop it.
Important: You must also read the requirements for Assignment 3 in order to be able to complete
the documentation required for Assignment 2.
The documentation you must submit will include the following:
? A description of “How to Play”
This will be the information you display on the opening screen of your game to inform the player what
they need to do in order to play and win the game. Do not just copy the game play description above,
make your own description.
? A development outline of your game
The outline structure should contain all the elements of your game, as this is a high level description of
your approach to the development of your program. Some example headings you may include are
given below. You should provide examples of happens under each one.
? The game setup (everything that happens before the game starts)
? The player’s turn (the sequence of events that happen during a turn)
? Processing player input (include each of the commands your player can use)
? Providing feedback to the player (in response to the player’s interactions)
? The end game conditions (include all win and lose conditions)
? Additional Features included, if any – see Assignment 3



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