You Are To Complete The Following Tasks Based On The Discussions And Learnings From 2969381

Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 are to be completed using the Virtucon & Globex Scenario outlined in Interact 2, (with additional resources found at and
Assessment 2: You are to complete the following tasks based on the discussions and learnings from meetings held with your assigned team. Your work should be submitted individually and will be marked individually according to the rubric.
Part One:
Project Name / Team / Description
Working as a team you are to
• Agree on a suitable team name, list all team members and provide their contact details in a professional looking document.
• Provide an overview of the project on which you are working.
• Complete a project description. This should be written clearly and concisely so that anyone unfamiliar with the project can fully understand the objectives.
Team Charter
After your team agreed on a team name and identified all of the contact details of your team members, address the following points and present them in a professional looking document:
• Skills and Knowledge Inventory – List the specific knowledge and/or skills that each team member can contribute to the project. This could be technical knowledge, communication or leadership skills.
• Roles and Responsibilities – Define roles and responsibilities for each team member. This can be defined for the entire project or can be shared or even rotated.
• Team Communications
o Meeting Times & Location – Agree on mutually convenient times and location to convene to work on the case assignments.



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