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Task 1 (10 marks) 1. You are to compile a reference file that lists useful references, indicating briefly the subject matter covered by the reference, for each of the categories previously given. Guidelines on how to compile a reference file are available on the OLS. Task 2 (30 marks) 1. Take photographs of 2 carports (that use different construction methods and materials). Your photographs should show the roof structure, the support structure, location on the site, and details as appropriate. 2. Compile a report addressing the following, for each of your different structures: o What Australian Standards would be relevant to the design of this structure? o List the materials/products used in each structure and for each, explain in point form ? how the material is suited to its use, and ? how it contributes to the structural integrity of the carport o How the structure is made stable against wind forces (include from roof covering down to footings). o How stormwater is managed to comply with regulations o How aspects of fire safety are addressed (refer to BCA Part 3.7) Task 3 (60 marks) 1. Study the drawings provided for the 3 level house on Somewhere Street. Consider that this house is located in Melbourne, in an area with a wind classification N2 and soil classification M. You will need to do some additional research to compile a report addressing the following: o What Australian Standard(s) would be relevant to the design of this building? o List the main materials/products used in the building and for each, explain in point form o how the material is suited to its use, and o how it contributes to the structural integrity of the building o How stormwater should be managed to comply with regulations. Ensure you refer to the BCA o How the basement walls are made structurally adequate o How water is prevented from entering the basement, or is removed from the basement, given that the water table is 1.8 metres below the underside of the basement floor slab o Discuss the provision of services to the building including water, electricity, gas, heating and cooling, and what each service supply requires in terms of installation o Discuss the aspects of fire safety that must be considered in the construction of this building. 2. Consider that the building in Somewhere Street is located in Townsville in an area with wind classification C2, soil classification S and a water table that lies approximately 1.6 metres below natural ground level. Address each of the points from the previous task, clearly explaining the differences that will apply due to the different location of the house. Where different materials or methods are required, provide alternatives. The three parts of this assignment should be submitted in a professional manner online in ONE PDF file. Assessment This assignment is worth 20% of the marks for CPCCBS6001. Your submission will be assessed based on: • the accuracy of information provided • the relevance of information provided • the completeness of information provided (while recognising that you are providing a summary only)


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