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Question 1 Topic 3 & 4 Planning, analytics and risk assessment (45 marks)
You are the senior auditor for Dalby Logistics Limited (DLL). Your audit firm has carried out the audit of DLL for several years but this is the first time you have been assigned as the lead auditor.
DLL is a bulk cargo and logistics conglomerate, founded in 2010 through the merger of two companies, primarily involved with the transport of iron ore, mineral sands and forestry products. Grain (agricultural products), oil and gas, coal, manganese, and lithium are examples of other products they transport. DLL also provide warehousing services and are currently building a large ‘hub’ complex in Sydney. On completion, this facility will be leased to various exporters and importers.
DLL has over 20 subsidiary companies and significant investment in five other companies (associates). The largest associate is Pilkington Ports Limited which gives DLL access to 4 ports across Australia. They have access arrangements with a further 15 ports across Australia (including Darwin), New Zealand, and a port presence in Malaysia and Singapore. There are a further 15 logistic centres in metropolitan and regional areas in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.
DLL’s operations are divided into three divisions: Ports, Logistics, and Infrastructure & Property.
The CFO, Wayne Green, advised that they have had a successful year with a remarkable increase in profit, despite lower grain volumes and two large mine contracts ceasing due to the mines reaching their end of life. All states, except NSW, experienced an increase in revenue. The group also acquired another subsidiary, for $46.15 million, which added $16.05 million to assets and $5.8 million to liabilities. Goodwill was $35 million. Wayne Green also provided details about the following related party transactions:
• paid to Associates: $6.85 million for stevedore services
• received from associates: $1.05 million rental income and $4.55 million in dividends.
• loans to key personnel: Received $2.35 million from key management personnel to finalise all outstanding monies owing as at 30/6/2017.
• loan to Pilkington $164.4 million. The original loan was issued in 2016 for a fixed
10-year term and is subordinated to all creditors. The effective interest rate is 7.3% p.a.
The preliminary Income statement and Balance sheet details follow.



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