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Assignment 2. Executive briefing report on an environmental policy: working example This document has been prepared as a guide for students to understand what represents a good or not so good response to a similar assignment. This is indicative only and the specifics will vary depending on the exact nature of the assignment question. Assignment question: You are required to write a briefing report for the senior executive group in a NSW local council on an environmental policy or project. You need to: 1. Select and understand deeply your topic (list below) 2. Select a council and undertake background research on the council’s strategy and operations to identify where and how the policy or project may have an impact (positively or negatively). Your topics can include: Coastal management • NSW Coastal Management Framework ( Greener and sustainable cities • Quality Greener Spaces (million trees by 2020) ( • Resilient Sydney ( Transport and planning • Parramatta Light Rail ( • Western Sydney Aerotropolis ( New planning horizons • Dark Sky Planning ( You may like to choose your own topic, but you MUST check this with the convenor first. The maximum length for this assignment is 6 pages. This includes several essential elements: a) A one page executive summary and b) A visual summary of the key aspects in your report



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