You Are Required To Use Java Se 8 0 And Javafx To Develop A Graphical User Interface 3951553

Overview You are required to use Java SE 8.0 and JavaFX to develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the CityLodge rental room management program created in Assignment 1. This assignment is designed to help you: 1. Enhance your ability to build a Graphical User Interface using JavaFX 2. Practise implementation of various GUI event handlers and handling exceptions 3. Read from and write to a database using Java JDBC technology 4. Incorporate text file handling in your program to import and export data NOTE: ? This assignment is of a size and scope that can be done as an individual assignment. Group work is not allowed. ? A more detailed marking rubric and demo schedule will be provided closer to submission. General Implementation Requirements ? All information displayed to the user and all user interactions should be done via the GUI. There must be no Console input and output. ? You are free to create your own GUI layouts as long as your layouts are clear and meet the requirements shown in the following sections. Marks might be deducted for very poor GUI design. ? Any user inputs via the GUI should be validated. ? You must not use 3rd-party GUI components which are not built by you. ? Marks will be allocated to proper documentation and coding layout and style. Your coding style should be consistent with standard coding conventions shown in the General Implementation Requirements section of Assignment 1. ? Your programs will be marked with Java SE 8.0. Make sure you test your program with this setting before your final submission.



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