You Are Required To Prepare A Report Proposing A Welfare Support Plan To Addressa Cl 3138982

You are required to prepare a report, proposing a welfare/support plan to addressa client’s needs. Please choose a case study from one of the five options below. For this case study you should:

•identify welfare services which you deem appropriate for the client•identify welfare payments and supports for the client•evaluation of services –include a brief evaluation of theadequacy of available payments and supports. On given caee

Laura is a single mum with two children. She recently left a violentmarriage and has been staying with friends. She keeps applying for houses and flats to rent but her applications keep getting rejected. She is worried as she keeps moving from house to house and knows that she cannot stay with her friends forever.All of this moving is making it hard for her to keep her kids at school and to hold down a job. She is struggling financially and does not know what to do.She was married for ten years and her husband was in control of the income and was physically and emotionally violent. She feels she has no skills to get a job ashe husband refuse to let her work as a nurse even though she was qualified.

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