You Are Given An Array Of Integers Marks Denoting The Marks Scored By Students In A 3653498

YOU are given an array of integers, marks. denoting the marks scored by students in a class. • The alternating elements ntarkso, marks2. marks, and so on denote the marks of boys. • Similarly, morksi mtarks3, ntarks5 and so on denote the marks of girls. The array name, marks. works as a pointer which stores the base address of that array. In other words, marks contains the address where markso is stored in the memory. For example, let marks = :3, 2, 51 and marks stores Ox7fff9575c05f. Then, Ox7f119575c05f is the memory address of marks(‘.
3 2 5
marks° marital marks2
Complete the function. mar ks_summati on(i nt marks, char gender, int number_of_students) which returns the total sum of: • marks of boys if gender = b • marks of girls if gender = g The locked code stub reads the elements of marks along with gender. Then, it calls the function marks_summation(marks, gender, number_of_students) to get the stun of alternate elements as explained above and then prints the sum.



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