You Are Designing A Connecting Rod For An Internal Combustion Engine With A Choice O 2840863

You are designing a connecting rod for an internal combustion engine with a choice of three materials, 6061-T6 Aluminum, 4140QT, and plain 1040 steel. The connecting rod is 6” long, and placed under a cyclical stress with reverse loading. The load fluctuates from -40klbf to +120klbf. If the connecting rod must operate at a wide range of temperatures, never fail, and minimal weight is secondary concern. a) What material should the rod be, and what is the minimum cross sectional area? b) If we have .010” clearance between the piston and head at maximum stroke, what is the minimum cross sectional area needed to prevent this. c) If we size the cross sectional area so that the maximum stress is 10% less than the endurance limit, what is the maximum allowable flaw size. d) What is the true stress, and true strain under the conditions indicated in part b.

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