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You are currently an intern at Capstan, Peterston and Bennet ltd. Accountants specialising in providing comprehensive advice on gearing policies to companies . The company is experiencing an increase in the number of clients expressing an interest in corporate debt. As a result it has been decided to invite clients to attend a seminar to provide further information,. a) You have been asked to produce a PowerPoint presentation together with notes to the slides which critically examines the benefits and risks to a company, of incorporating corporate debt into a an existing portfolio of equity and debt. (60%) Please note you will not be required to present the PowerPoint presentation PLEASE NOTE THIS ASSESSEMENT IS NOT INTENED TO BE A CASE STUDY OF EITHER PARAGON OR TESCO. Each student will be expected to produce a PowerPoint presentation which is applicable to a wide audience and incorporate relevant theory, business models and empirical evidence considered necessary. (Reference can be made to either Paragon or Tesco as an aid to the evaluation). (Please see over page for b) b) In addition, the director acting as your supervisor whilst on internship, has asked you provide a short report which is to be made available on the company website and suitable for investors. You have been asked to provide advice on how the investor can manage both risk and return when selecting the companies in whom to invest. ( including reference to forms of risk, ratio/yield calculations and CAPM) (40%) The University policy on cheating collusion and plagiarism will be applied to this piece of work. Guidance: Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and innovative in their approach as to what should be included in this report the following may be of some use in providing guidance as to what could possibly be included, although this is in no way meant to be prescriptive. As part of your work you should explore the underlying theory behind the key areas of investigation that you identify and appropriately referenced comments and quotes to sources to demonstrate wider reading. Additionally, the inclusion of some practical/real world examples to act as support/explanation for your evaluative comments is encouraged. Numerical example for illustrative purposes may be of use but should not be the only element of the work; discussion and interpretation of models and concepts is also required. With a word limit of about 3,000 you do not have a lot of room for long introductions so assume you are writing to an audience who has a working knowledge of financial management and is in the first PowerPoint Company managers well versed in business theory. As the weightings for the tasks are not identical this should be considered in word allocation Please avoid relying too heavily on descriptive sections reproducing information available from the set text. It is your own logical, evaluation of the situation, the interpretation of course material and presentation, with critical analysis, of a coherent strategic report that will attract high marks.



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