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Case Study – Yeemi
You are an employee of Yeemi Pty Ltd (Yeemi) running successfully in the field of Ecommerce from last
decade. Yeemi promotes you as an IT Admin with huge responsibility to plan and implement various
application servers for their organization in 2020. You are the project leader of a proposed project which will
analyse human usability in systems and documentation within the context of constantly changing modern
industry requirements. This will automate and equip internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders
to instantly communicate through evolving concept of Directory-as-a-Service.
The problems with the current scenario are:
• The top management and many customers are dissatisfied with the current situation. Competitive
companies have improved their older ways of functioning and are surpassing Yeemi in terms of transparency
for internal stakeholders and overall customer satisfaction for external stakeholders.
Your CEO has stressed the importance of the project to the company and asked you to use your skills as an
IT Admin to make sure the project is successful by following the relevant IT project ethics. The organisation
has given you guidance that the project needs to be completed within 9 months and that costs should be
minimised wherever possible. Decisions like this will most likely require deep thought as they involve
people, resources and the environments.
You may make any appropriate assumptions needed to enable the successful completion of the project.
Assignment Task
Hint: (i) An application server is designed to install, operate and host applications and associated services
for end users, IT services and organizations and facilitates the delivery of high-end customers. It is diverse
from but frequently works in concurrence with a web application server.
For this assignment, you can plan and implement LDAP server and new WebServer (two or more application
servers) for Yeemi which will be beneficial for both internal and external stakeholders.
(ii) “In recent years, usability has become more than a concept. In many organizations, usability is an
important part of software development. And more and more companies are discovering that not only is
usability good for users, it’s also good business.” [Adapted from Usability: A Business Case]
“The Three S’s of Ecommerce” [Available:]
For this assignment, you can do analysis of Human-Computer Interactions and Usability for old and new
WebServer for Yeemi by comparing and contrasting the implemented system with cutting edge Ecommerce
portals like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc.
Prepare a report that includes the following sections



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