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You are a consultant who has been asked to evaluate the financial performance of Amazon over the past 5 years relative to eBay. You have been approached due to your accounting analysis skills and your analytical approach to selecting and constructing benchmarks using accounting information. Broadly speaking this case is about the comparability of financial ratios. You are to provide a set of analyses compares Amazon’s performance to eBay’s using standard financial ratios. In your one-page response you must provide a summary of the reasons you selected your primary benchmark and a discussion of the relative performance of Amazon. You will have the opportunity to discuss the rationale for and the practicalities of your conclusions in your response and in class. Your conclusions are to be backed up with analysis of data (in this case selection of a benchmark firm and ratio analysis). There are a significant number of potential ratios that you could choose to answer the case brief, however, you are required to select a single benchmark.1



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