WU Challenge in Water Pollution Resource Management Research Paper

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there is one file “lecture note” – the topic should follow the scope of the course

write in times new roman font size 12 – DOUBLE SPACED (total 6 full pages)

The particular challenge i choose is FLOODINGS. So you should write about floodings only, keeping in mind the instructions below!

the paper should include:

1. introduction = 0.5 page

2. Evaluation of water resource challenge = 4 pages

3. Possible Solutions = 1.5 pages

Lab # 4 will be assigned in Week 2. Working individually or as a group of 2, students will conduct a research project and evaluate a challenge in water resource management. The essay topic must be relevant to the scope of the course. The essay will be no longer than 6 pages and contain a clear research statement. Set your document to use Times New Roman 12 point font, double space, 8 ½ x 11-inch paper and one-inch margins on all sides. It must have 8 academic references (from academic journals, or academic books). Websites and reports (e.g. government documents, UN documents, NGO documents) are in addition to the 8 academic references. The paper must be strongly linked to the academic literature. Examples must be used within the paper. If students are working together as a group of two on the essay, they must notify the instructor by the end of the Lab in Week # 3. Suggested format for the paper includes:

• Title Page (Name, Student Number, Lab # and Day, Instructors Name, Title) • Introduction – clear research statement on the nature of water resource challenge, outline of your paper (½ page)

• Evaluation of water resource challenge – detailed evaluation of water resource challenge strongly linked to the academic literature (4 pages)

• Possible Solutions – outline possible solutions for the water resource challenge strongly linked to the academic literature (1 and ½ pages)

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