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Pick five (5) of your core courses from your field of study while attending Belhaven University. Each student will write a 1,500-page Synthesis Paper Only core courses can be covered in the synthesis papers. Biblical references and workplace applications are important and should be used throughout the synthesis paper. See attached Rubric for requirements. Address the following: What you learned in the course, add some CWV and then some workplace application. Select something you learned, something you can apply, and write about it following the rubric: Topic, CWV, Workplace Application. Example: Business Policy – you should have picked up something on Strategic Planning, ex: Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives – Add Genesis Chapter 1 and possibly 2, and then Workplace Application. FIve Topics that can be discussed. Healthcare Quality Management Ethics in Healthcare Admin Financial Admin of Healthcare Healthcare Marketing Business Policy Human Resources Requirements: 1500 words

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