Write A Java Program That Will Calculate Tax For The Employees Of A Company Called X 3432889

Task 1: Tax Management System (5 marks)
Write a Java program that will calculate tax for the employees of a company called XYZ. The main menu of the tax calculation program is as follows.
Welcome to Tax Management System of XYZ
Please select one of the following options:
1. Calculate tax
2. Search tax
3. Exit
When 1 is selected then the program will calculate the tax of an employee based on the annual income of the employee and tax rates on the income. The tax rates on the income is stored in a file called taxrates.txt. The program needs to read the taxrates.txt file and store the information in proper data structure. If the taxrates.txt file does not exist in the directory of the source code then the program should ask to provide the taxrates.txt file as an input. The format of the taxrates.txt file is as follows.



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