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Write a Financial plan for your organization (750 words). Create the accompanying spreadsheets and address the following in your plan:

1. Using Excel, create three-year pro forma financial statements for your proposed organization (balance sheet, profit and loss & cash flow statements)

2. Identify possible sources for investment capital if required (friends, family, bank)

3. Identify key financial ratios you will use to measure the forecast performance of your org to determine feasibility

4. Explain how will you use financial information to help you craft your business strategy

Must contain,


Table of contents

Exec Summary

Body (including revenue projections, cash flow, ratio analysis such as current ratio, liquidity)

Conclusion (including exit strategy)


Total 750 words, based on the business scenario below:

Business Name: Super Smoothies

Location: Dubai, UAe

2.4 Goals and Objectives

· Become the leader in the health food industry in the UAE within first year of inception

· Deliver quality product that are fresh at every offering

· Provide best in class customer service

· Deliver Bespoke smoothie combinations to clients ensuring our business concept stands out from competitors

· Turn a profit within the first year of operation

· Expand the value chain by expanding our menu range to other health products within 2 years

· Franchise sales in other Middle Eastern Countries within 2 years

2.5 Key to Success

· Strategic outlet and delivery locations to allow for:

o Production of any smoothie within 15 minutes

o Delivery within 45 minutes

· Stringent SLA with product suppliers ensuring only the best products are used

· Managers to create a happy work environment where employees love coming to work, and the focus is on customer and employee engagement

· Comprehensive product testing and tasting with combination of ingredients to produce a high quality product.

· Rigorous employee training to ensure the following is adhered to at all times

o best in class preparation methods and customer service

o Highest level of hygiene levels

3.0 Background

The concept of the company is as a result of my own search for a healthier option to supplement my diet in my journey for health and wellness. However, whilst on this journey I noticed an opportunity to cater to other people’s needs. The stigma in the market was that any health-based smoothie that was organic and cold pressed fuelled with nutrients, vitamins and proteins would lack the taste to appeal to the masses. Once a plan was devised to address this I created “Super Smoothies”. Initially outlaying my own capital of AED 350 000, I would need to raise another 750 000 through bank loans or investor offerings to get this start up off the ground.

3.1 Unique Offering

We Strive to create a unique product offering can be engineered to a tailor-made product for any individual. Our products will empower the consumer on their health and wellness journey for those on such a path. We are not limited to the gym or health enthusiast and our target market includes the general public. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an alternative healthier option for on the go-fast food products. This is achieved by a rigorous tasting and testing of our smoothie mixes and using only the freshest and natural products. We are able to provide products that appeal to any pallet and still provide a suitable food alternative to ensure the consumer is left satisfied and content. We offer the ability for consumers to order bespoke smoothies; whilst also providing suggestions through story boards on our digital menu’s. Our in-store experience for our small yet cozy outlets provide a unique and sensory experience that allows us to cater to any client. We aim deliver our smoothies within 15 minutes and deliver through our delivery vendors within 45 minutes. Our delivery vendors use cold storage devices to keep every smoothie at the correct temperature for optimal taste experience.

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