Write a 5-paragraph short ( maximum1000 words) report that gives your reader an overview of Alzheimers Disease

Detailed Description: You have been hired to work for a pharmaceutical company that needs you to distill technical medical information into easy-to-understand short reports that educate the company’s employees about the topic. To test out your writing skills, they have asked you to choose any of the illnesses or diseases listed on the Center for Disease Control website (https://www.cdc.gov/DiseasesConditions/) and write a short informal report about it to hand out the following day to new staff. The short report should answer the following question: what main idea should be known about this illness/disease? Introduction Paragraph: Body Paragraphs: Conclusion Paragraph: And please follow the grading rubric. Requirements: 1000 words 100-300 words. 5 or more sentences Clear thesis statement as the last sentence in the paragraph. The thesis is one sentence, and the whole body of the essay relates to (“agrees with”) the thesis. 100-400 words each paragraph. 7-13 sentences each paragraph First sentence of each paragraph is a topic sentence. All other sentences in the paragraph relate to (“agree with”) the topic sentence. If a sentence is not about the topic sentence, then it needs to be moved or deleted. Agrees with the thesis statement in the body paragraph. 100-300 words. 5 or more sentences No new information introduced (that’s what the body paragraphs are for) Can include one or two sentences that summarize what was in the body States a conclusion based on information in body paragraphs. This can also include a call to action (a so what? What should be done now?). Can also include looking ahead to the future. If you included a story in your introduction, a good strategy is to circle back to that story as part of your conclusion.

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