Write A 2 Page Essay On Video Summary And Reflection As Such The Report Also Ind

Write a 2 page essay on Video summary and reflection.

As such, the report also indicated that the government has directed Internet providers to ban access to Facebook.

Reflection: One strongly believes that people from all walks of life, depending on values, traditions and beliefs, have the right to assert what they think conforms to their philosophies and ideals. As such, for Muslim countries with deep regard and belief in Islamic teachings, the violations noted for posting the prophet’s image could actually be devastating. As such, one affirms that the government should take a stand and enjoin other Muslim countries in asserting concrete policies and procedures regarding this particular concern at the soonest possible time to resolve this issue.

Introduction: The video entitled “Malala Yousafzai, 16, and Her Miraculous Story of Surviving Being Shot by the Taliban” reported by ABC News was published online through YouTube foretold of a remarkable story of a young teen-aged girl named Malala Yousufza.

Summary: The video documented the remarkable story of Malala Yousufza, specifically after she was shot by a Taliban rebel for speaking in behalf of millions of young girls to be educated. Accordingly, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. Malala narrated what she remembered just before she was shot. There were a number of miracles that happened and contributed to saving Malala’s life: the presence of a top specialist in pediatrics trauma, Dr. Feona Reynolds. the lending of a plane with complete medical facilities. and how the bullet apparently ricocheted from the skull to be diverted to her shoulders. The story was considered a miracle.

Reflection: The story was very moving and touching. It attested that miracles still happen in life. One is convinced that there is still a more powerful force beyond what humans can understand who ultimately governs man’s purpose in life. As manifested and exhibited by the

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