Write A 12 Page Essay On Industrial Applications Of Computers Profitable Paperma

Write a 12 page essay on Industrial Applications of Computers.

Profitable papermaking means continuous production with minimal deviations from quality specifications. While steady-state control performance is essential, the elimination of waste during transitions such as changes of grades and break recoveries is where the greatest economic gains can be achieved. As production rates rise, often stretching the design capacity of the paper machine, Quality Control Systems (QCS) allow the company to improve the efficiency and quality of the production. This is evident from the significant new developments in quality measurement and control since the introduction of cross direction (CD) control seen in the past years since the 1970s.For paperboard manufacturing using the paper machines, it is necessary to establish the control system that provides a high-mix, low-volume product production. Control parameters are the key component of optimizing the operation, and so the paperboard company should consider an advanced performing QCS. In many cases, the control parameters of paperboard production facilities are normally fixed to the same value using a typical product. Many of these paper production facilities operates in a high mix, low-volume condition because the equipment are consolidated and diverse products are produced to satisfy the end user’s request. Moreover, the paperboard production equipment is often disturbed by the processes of feed preparation or by auxiliary systems. It is for this reason that the control parameters require optimization.

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