Write 2 Page Essay On The Topic The Causes Of The Increase In Turnover At The Ro

Write 2 page essay on the topic The causes of the increase in turnover at the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising.

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The first method used to determine this was through informal one-on-one sessions with staff from various levels in the company. I had meetings with the Graphics and the Design teams: interviews were conducted and group discussions were held with various staff members so that individually as well as collectively their thoughts could be heard. This was to discover employee satisfaction and morale. These sessions were designed to gather how the employees see the company, understand its values and picture themselves fitting into the overall scheme of things. They were encouraged to share how the information flowed from each department to the next and whether there were any gaps. A short survey was also conducted.

The second assessment was regarding customers. All the frontline staff including account managers and department heads, was brought together in a group meeting on customer service. They were asked how they served the clients, what the service process was like and what kind of hindrances they faced in their work. Everyone was collectively asked to define what they think of it.

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