Write 2 Page Essay On The Topic Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort The Hotel Is

Write 2 page essay on the topic Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.

The hotel is keen on environmental conservation. it has rooftop wind turbines installed on the roof to con serve energy. This made it the first hotel to win the Florida Green Lodging Destination in Fort Lauderdale. Other sustainability efforts of the hotel include cardboard and paper recycling, a food composter that is intended to turn waste food into water rich with nutrients.

Services offered are ideal for all kinds of visitors. business or family. Services and amenities in this hotel include rejuvenating nail treatment, massage and facial therapy, fitness and recreation facilities, children’s activities, a business center, and convenience facilities like ATMs, elevators, and valet services (Hilton Hotels and Resort).

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort has a strict policy on smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms or in public areas like corridors and balconies. There are designated areas provided for smoking purposes, which are the hotel’s main entrance.

According to trip advisor, the world’s largest travel site, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort has gained so many positive reviews that it was awarded the 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award. This is an award given to facilities that have gained outstanding reviews by travelers. Some of these reviews on Trip Advisor say that the place wonderful for a holiday experience. The staff is friendly and would go to a great length to entertain and make their customers comfortable (TripAdvisor).

In comparison with other hotels on the same beach, their services are exemplary and have no comparison. Everything in the facility is done for the comfort of the traveler. It has a close proximity to different amenities which is what most travelers enjoy. People want to connect from one place to the next easily and get back to the hotel in time for their pleasure (TripAdvisor). It is only 1.5 miles from an upscale shopping center and the major highways are easily accessed thus any one

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