Write 12 Page Essay On The Topic Berlin Is In Germany Movie And German Reunifica

Write 12 page essay on the topic Berlin Is in Germany Movie and German Reunification.

Both, east and west German people appeal to different legal and moral codes, each with its own value of lawfulness derived from peculiar historical conditions, that have not been taken into consideration in the unification process.

From the time the East German state dissolution a large number of films have been produced by German cinema that has addressed the issues concerning the German reunification. Their approaches frequently reveal complicated and diversified opinions and dispositions towards the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the process of German reunification. Ostalgic films like Sonnenallee (1999), Berlin is in Germany (2001) and Good Bye Lenin! (2003) make evident their interest to study the meaning of memory over the process of transition and the confirmation of the post-unified society. The expression ostalgic, which is composed by the German words for ‘nostalgia’ and ‘east’, commonly refers to a cultural fascination with the former GDR which means that it is automatically linked to communist kitsch. accordingly, nostalgia seems to denote certain kind of nostalgia that comes from the fact to clash with history . Nearly all of cultural values and symbols concerning East Germany were eradicated immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall the 9th of November of 1989. For instance, GDR’s brands of products, state television programs, and even the previously widespread Wartburg and Trabant cars vanished from stores, is in turn substituted by western products. According to Enns however, rather than depicting a sentimental whitewashing, nostalgic movies denote a serious interpretation of current Germanys socio-economic-political situation.

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