Write 1 Page Essay On The Topic The Great Wall Of China But What Is Most Interes

Write 1 page essay on the topic The Great Wall of China.

But what is most interesting is the idea of a wall that would stretch around the Forbidden City and segregate it from all intruders and elevate its position to the “Heaven” level.

At the time of its initial construction, the Wall had been built with stones and tamped dirt but as time passes, the development in construction material which included the use of kilns to manufacture bricks and quarrying have added to its sophistication.

Lastly, one of the most important engineering marvels is the use of least number of manpower to construct over 6000 kms of brick walls of different layers and levels. From deep ravines to some of the highest mountains, the Wall has touched them all.

Compared to structures of today, the Great Wall still stands out because of its quality, architecture and design. Even though some portions of the Wall have crumbled, its modern equivalents cannot compare to its defensive characteristics and design such as watch towers, barracks, garrison stations, means for signals and trade

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