Write 1 Page Essay On The Topic Current Imaging Process During This Initial Proc

Write 1 page essay on the topic Current Imaging Process.

During this initial process the receptionist confirms the date with the ordering physician’s office, which will then notify their patient of the scheduled exam date.

The ordering physician’s office confirms the scheduled date with the patient, and they are notified to arrive at the radiology outpatient imaging center where the first encounter takes place between the radiology receptionist and the patient.

During this first encounter the receptionist would typically greet the patient, confirm the appointment, verify the patient’s identification, and validate the method of payment. After the receptionist’s interview with the patient, the patient is then placed in a queue to be called by the radiology technician that will be performing their exam. While the patient waits in the waiting area the receptionist completes the work order. The radiology technician is notified of the pending ordered exam and receives a printed requisition form.

The second point of patient contact in the process takes place when the assigned radiology technician calls the patient from the radiology waiting area. During this encounter the technician identifies the patient and escorts them into the exam room for an additional interview. The patient is fully involved in the process as they are asked to help provide relevant medical history, as well as the primary purpose of their visit.

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