Wrap Up Question 1 Electrical Power In Southern California Costs About 18 Cents

Wrap up question 1: Electrical power in Southern California costs about 18 cents per kWh. If you have to heat up 1 L of water to cook some pasta, how much does it cost you to bring the water from 22 C up to 100 C? (Useful conversions: 1 mL = 1 g of water, and 1 kWh = 3,600,000 J) How would the cost compare to the same temperature change of the same mass of oil instead?

Wrap up question 2: How does the thermal conductivity of human skin compare to that of metal? Use your results from Part 3 and ideas from Part 4 to justify your answer.

Wrap up question 3: Why would it be more expensive to heat or cool a building made with exterior walls of glass compared to one built of drywall? Use thermal conductivity to justify your answer.

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