World War 2

Using Twitter rules (280 characters or less), construct a four Tweet conversation between two of the different perspectives (African Americans, ethnic Mexicans, Jewish refugees, members of Congress opposed to expanded civil rights, and members of Congress supportive of expanded civil rights) reflected in the week’s Primary Source PDF. 
You will need to invent Twitter handles for your two individuals, and in the Tweets you write you will need to come up with at least four different hashtags (these can come in your first post or in subsequent posts). 
Both of your characters must write four separate Tweets in your initial post, for a total of eight Tweets.  Retweets are only allowed if you add something new. 
In this Twitter conversation be sure that your characters assess the conflict between American war aims (to preserve and expand democracy abroad) and the denial of democracy to ethnic and racial minorities within the United States. 
When you are making your follow up posts for your minimum of three posts they must also follow Twitter rules and remain in character for one of the four perspectives reflected in the readings. In each follow up post your two characters (use the ones you created for your initial post) need at least two Tweets each, or a minimum of four Tweets for each follow up post.

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