work 8
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1.    Complete a critical appraisal of your three research articles and place on the discussion board.
               2.  Include each of your references in 7th Ed. APA format (minimum of 3). 
               NOTE: This assignment should provide a BRIEF summary (~1 paragraph per article) of the 3 research studies you found that support & help to    answer your PICO(T) question.  Include: 
        *Type of study (quantitative, qualitative, type of design w/in those categories) & # of participants 
         *The purpose of the study
          *A few sentences about how the study was conducted
           *A brief summary of the study results and recommendations
*.               *And don’t forget to include your references!! 
**Think of this as an outline of what you’re going to be expanding upon in the “Appraisal of the Evidence” section of your paper**
The goal is to be sure you’ve nailed down 3 solid research studies that support your PICO(T) question when you get to the chunkiest part of your paper draft that’s due soon!

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