Wk 6 D2

Question :1 

Group policies are mainly used by administrators in IT companies where there is a need to define the features, application and activities that are accessible to users. Group policy uses Windows Active Directory to apply policies and it is used for managing the configuration of operating system for a user. The admin can create a group policy and can use a central server to apply those policies to all the machines under its control. (Stenger, 2018) 

Group Policy Object (GPO) is basically a group policy collection created by the administrator for a particular machine. The Group Policy Object are linked with different Active Directory containers like Domains, Organizational Units and Sites. GPOs are applied to the Active Directory in a particular order: First comes Local policies, then Site policies, then Domain policies and finally Organizational Unit policies. (Petters, 2018)

Before deploying group policies in an organization, it is essential to implement an efficient organizational unit architecture under active directory. To achieve this, the administrator needs to have certain factors in mind. For example, it is important to keep users and computers in separate OUs. And then the computers and users can have sub OUs based on the job role and department in the organization. Hence, a well structured OU architecture is required to be designed before deploying group policies. (“Group Policy Best Practices”, 2019)

Group policy object depends on Active Directory which is not available on cloud so the idea of cloud GPOs is not really a good idea. Also Group policy object and Active directory are basically on-site products developed from Microsoft. But there are alternatives for example Directory as service which are currently used on cloud environment. It provides functionality similar to GPOs on cloud. (Griffin, 2017).


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Question: 2  

Cryptography makes secure web sites and secure electronic transmissions possible. For a web site to be secure, all of the data transmitted between the computers where the data is kept and where it is received must be encrypted. “Due to a large number of commercial transactions on the Internet, cryptography is very crucial in ensuring the security of the transactions”(APB Consultant, 2015). Cryptography allows you to have confidence in your electronic transactions. 

Encryption is used in electronic transactions to protect data such as account numbers and transaction amounts, digital signatures replace handwritten signatures or credit card authorizations, and public-key encryption provides confidentiality. Key management is an essential aspect of encryption that allows you to apply conventional encryption policies across all data on all managed devices.

Cryptography is also used in access control to regulate access such as in satellite and cable TV. Without cryptography, hackers could get into your e-mail, eavesdrop on our phone conversations, tap into cable companies, acquire free cable service, or break into your bank accounts. Time stamping is a cryptographic technique that can certify that a particular electronic document, communication existed or was delivered at a particular time. In general, cryptography is an essential way of achieving data confidentiality, data integrity, user authentication, and non-repudiation.


APB Consultant. (2015). ISMS Cryptography controls. Retrieved from http://isoconsultantpune.com/isms-cryptography-controls


I want 200 words explanation on this paragraph with 3 reference, your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion….

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