Wk 5 Assignment 19304409

Your scholarly voice is also your professional voice, and it may change depending on your audience. As a health professional you will engage in issues and topics of interest with various colleagues. How you communicate with these colleagues will differ depending upon the nature and purpose of the interaction.

For this Assignment, envision yourself as a future leader in the health field. Consider how you would introduce to different audiences the issue you selected in Week 1( Issue = Over prescribing of opioids and barbiturates) .

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Select one scenario from the list below.

Note: TOPIC =  Over prescribing of Opioids and Barbiturates
•    An introduction to an academic journal article
•    A written memo to the employees at work
•    Letter to community agency, organization, or key stakeholder in the issue

Using your scholarly voice, introduce an issue or topic in your health field (healthcare administration) and write what you would say.

Include proper APA citations and references where appropriate or needed (see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for assistance).

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