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The alarming opioid crisis, with its staggering death rates, is affecting the life expectancy rates of Americans. Select one of the populations on the map and address the following:
Compare the opioid-related overdose death rates of the selected population to national opioid-related overdose death rates.
Identify one primary, one secondary, and one tertiary prevention intervention to reduce the misuse of opioids in the selected population.
Describe one evidence-based strategy to address provider opioid prescription rates.
Identify the stakeholders charged with addressing the opioid crisis in your community.
Share your professional experience related to the topic.
Statistic in Florida: 
Opioid-Related Overdose Death Rates (per 100,000 people) (2016): 14.40
Opioid Pain Reliever Prescriptions (per 100 persons) (2015): 62.80

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