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Deadline and Submission: Mini-analysis is available every week and students may submit assignments for as many weeks as they choose. The BEST 3 marks will be counted at the end of the semester, regardless of how many are submitted. You are not required to submit more than three. Two should be attempted by the evaluation, since the first marks could be lower than expected. The mini-analysis will be completed BEFORE the class in which the readings were assigned and discussed. The assignment should be submitted as a Word file on Canvas. Text entry submissions are also accepted. Submissions will close 30 min after the beginning of seminar. In case of technical difficulties, email assignments to i.oshea@alexandercollege.ca Late assignments will not be accepted without specific justification. Readings: See Canvas Module for the Week’s Readings. Checklist: Do not use a standard essay format. Provide each component clearly and distinctly. 1 Two paragraphs comparing two selected documents. 2 One discussion question 3 One paragraph (3rd total) explaining the relevance of these sources to your research Content Expectations: • Step ONE: Identify the nature of the source material. Which readings are primary or secondary sources? Are they fictional works or do they present any evident bias? This is necessary background before you ◦ NOTE: Successful paragraphs in this assignment are generally around one page double spaced. This means the assignment should be just over 3 pages long to achieve a successful result. ◦ Successful assignments will use each component to explore different aspects of the readings and will avoid repeating the same core concepts or claims. Demonstrate your mastery of the material. • Step TWO: Choose TWO READINGS from the assigned documents to perform a compare/contrast analysis. Video material is not acceptable in this assignment. ◦ If you choose a primary and a secondary source, then think about how the primary source fits into the narrative/position of the secondary source. ◦ If you choose two primary sources, then compare how they represent different viewpoints or perspectives on important issues. ◦ If there is only one reading (which is rare), then replace the two comparisons with paragraphs discussing the historical significance of two specific themes or elements of the document. Make sure to focus on how the literature reveals cultural and sociological insights into a historical period, rather than providing an English essay. • Step THREE: Draw TWO meaningful comparisons between the two documents that reveals important insight into the historical period/topic of the week. The comparison may be any similarity or difference, but should focus on explaining how it helps historians understand the past. Think about how and why things happened the way they did. Figure out what you think is the most significant SIMILARITY between the two passages. ◦ Consider the author’s perspective (national origin, class, ideology etc) for each document. ◦ You do not need to use the same documents for both comparisons. These are two entirely separate paragraphs. ◦ Do not focus on summarizing the documents or repeating their arguments. I am interested in hearing what you think about the documents. • Step FOUR: Create one discussion question that you can propose to the class during seminar. This should be a single complex sentence located as an individual paragraph. ◦ It should be a ‘why’ problem that poses an issue for debate rather than demanding a specific factual answer. ◦ A good discussion question will be open-ended and clearly guide colleagues to an important issue without assuming a particular answer or response is ‘correct’. Use the question to show that you understand how to synthesize concepts and evidence. ◦ Ex. instead of “Did Frankenstein name the Creature?” try ‘Why did Mary Shelley choose to leave the Creature nameless and what does this say about her ideas regarding the morality of scientific innovation?”• STEP FIVE: Write a paragraph that considers the research specialization that you are developing in the Research Paper Worksheet and explain its relationship to the week’s material. Explain how different topics or historical methods can be used to improve your personal research. ◦ Be ambitious but with limits. Lay out a provable case that makes a strong a point, regardless of whether you are fully convinced that it is the case. You will be evaluated on the composition and effect of the ideas rather than the perfectness of the answer. Readings: – https://history.hanover.edu/courses/excerpts/111wa… – https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/1942graebe.asp – library.alexandercollege.ca:2224/eds/ebookviewer/ebook?sid=44044d2c-ddab-4645-9324-fa0a11cb48a9%40sessionmgr103&ppid=pp_64&vid=0&format=EBhttps://aclmsbucket.s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/… Requirements: 3pages

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