Week-5 Discussion

You are a medical professional employed by ATA Immediate Care center. Your patient is Mary Smith, a 17 year old woman who presents with emesis and hyperpyrexia and shaking chills. She states she is afraid she is having a MI or has a malignant tumor. She complains of heliosensitivity, LUQ pain and erythralgia. On her physical exam you observe that she is hypertensive, has splinter hemmorrhages under her fingernails and a heart murmur. The physician ordered an hgb, CBC, RBC and WBC from the lab. Lab tests reveals she has hematuria and leukocytosis. She had dental surgery four days ago. A provisional diagnosis is made of acute endocarditis. You are to prepare her for admission to intensive care. Assignment: In laymen terms (everyday terms) describe the above case. Once you post your initial response. Respond to one classmate describing an illness, medical ailment or surgery that you or a family member has suffered (you do not have to give names or who it was) or just make up one. In your description be sure to include symptoms, tests and treatment and be sure to use correct medical. Requirements: 2-3 paragraphs

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