Week 3 Mentally Ill or Insane Essay

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Week 3 Topic:

“Mentally Ill or Insane”

If you ask the average person on the street you will find that many people see the terms mentally ill and insane as interchangeable terms.

However you will find out this week that being declared mentally ill and being declared insane are often two very different things.

  • How does a decree of insanity differ from a diagnosis of mentally ill?
  • How is insanity defined in the legal system?
  • What criteria needs to be met for a judge or jury to find an offender “not guilty by reason of insanity”?
  • In recent years an additional plea has come into play – “guilty but mentally ill”. How does this differ from a plea of “not guilty by reason of insanity”?
  • What is your personal view of these two pleas?

2. Your initial post (your response to the topic) must contain a citation. It is your ideas supported by research. Please refer to the APA Power Point in the Start Here section of the classroom for information on proper formatting. There will be a deduction of 20 points for failure to cite a source within your initial post and to provide a reference at the end of your initial post.

3. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words

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