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Required Reading

In Alcorn, Wade and Frichot, Christian (2014). The Browser Hacker’s Handbook. Butterworth-Heinemann

Chapter 5, “Attacking Users”

Additional Reading/Viewing

This is how hackers hack you using simple social engineering


Watch this hacker break into a company


Understanding End-User Attacks – Real World Examples



Assignment 1

Forensic Tool to Use for Project

Last week you research potential free and paid tools used for forensic analysis. This week I want you to narrow down your choice of free, or paid if you are willing to pay the cost, forensic tool(s) you will be using to analyze a web browser. Please post a discussion on what you plan to use and why you plan to use it. Also include any familiarity you have with the tool. In addition, you should be downloading and installing the tool you decide to use so that you can become familiar with it. You should then respond to at least 3 others peers on their choice.


Assignment 2

Case Study – Firefox vs Chrome

Attached Files:

This weeks assignment you will be reading two different journal articles, one on Firefox and one on Chrome. I want you to write a 2-3 page summary on what you learned including the techniques used, how each is different and the end results. You should have a title page and your 2-3 page summary should include your opinions on all the information as this is not a research pape

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