Ways Of Reducing New Hiv Infections Among Adolescents Hispanics Culture Essay

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This plan will focus on how to reduce new HIV infections among heterosexuals, homosexuals, IV drug users, infants/children, or adolescents in a culture of your choice. 2 pages

  1. Choose a culture (My culture of choice is Hispanics)
  2. Describe several facets of your plan. What variables (e.g., education) will you choose to focus on and why (make sure your why connects directly to the background of your culture)? You should use research to support the variables chosen for your plan.
  3. Using research and
    psychological principles to support your plan, discuss how you would make this
    plan successful in your chosen culture

    Include information on
    how you would positively affect variables to promote success.

    Discuss how you would
    implement such a plan logistically (Who specifically would you target for your
    plan and why? (my target heterosexuals, homosexuals, IV drug users,
    infants/children, or adolescents) Where your plan would be based?

    How would your plan be
    different from those that are currently out there?

    Do you anticipate any
    obstacles? How do you plan to overcome them?).

Requires 2 sources!

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