Washington State University YouTube Algorithms Discussion

This option will offer a model of the final project for this unit. You will begin exploring the features of an influential algorithm-driven platform: Youtube.

  1. Navigate to Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/ (Links to an external site.)). You can choose to explore Youtube logged into your own account, or signed out/in a private viewing mode. Keep in mind that either choice will likely influence your findings.
  2. Explore Youtube, searching for the different types of algorithms the platform is using (some include recommended videos, suggested search, comments, autoplay, etc.).
  3. In your discussion post, identify and record 5 different types of Youtube algorithms. Using information from “Youtube, The Great Radicalizer” and Algorithms of Oppression, among other readings from this unit, write a brief summary of each algorithm. (You can write in paragraphs or in the following format).
    1. Name: the type of algorithm it is (e.g. “Suggested Search”)
    2. Dataset: what data do you believe the algorithm is based on (e.g. “previous searches”)?
    3. Function: how does the algorithm effect the user? How does it benefit the company?
    4. Broader implications: How might the existence and function of this algorithm effect the culture at large? Do you see any risks from this algorithm? Benefits?
  4. Add the summaries to your Discussion Post. Be sure to reference at least 2 course texts in your post.

Activity adapted from MIT AI Ethics Education Curriculum

Refrences to look at I Know Some Algorithms Are Biased—because I Created One (Links to an external site.)

YouTube, the Great Radicalizer

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