Walden University Unpleasant Situation Automatic Thought Records Worksheet

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Imagine that you receive a poor grade on an assignment. What thoughts would automatically enter your head? Would you try to explain the situation through factors such as the teacher’s grading style or a minor personal emergency that you were having that week? Would your thoughts be relatively positive and encouraging for next time or negative and self-defeating? Would you have evidence to support your thoughts or a way to prove they were correct?

For this Assignment, you are asked to think of your own frustrating fictitious situation and keep a log of the thoughts that might enter your head if the situation were real. In CBT, this log is called an Automatic Thought Record, and it is a very common homework strategy assigned to clients by CBT therapists. This assignment reinforces Beck’s notion that humans have automatic thoughts that come into their minds and that by tracking them, a client could begin to quantify the number of negative thoughts they have.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources on automatic thoughts.
  • Review the Automatic Thought Record Template found in the Learning Resources.
  • Consider a fictitious situation in which you feel frustration or disappointment. For example, getting a poor grade, getting a parking ticket, losing a competition, etc.
  • Record the thoughts you have about the situation, pretending that it were real. What are you saying to yourself?

For this Assignment:

  • Briefly describe your fictitious situation.
  • Based on the fictitious situation you created, complete the Automatic Thought Record Template.

Use your Learning Resources to support your findings. Use proper APA format and citations.

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