Walden Cover Letters and Reference Sheets as Essential Documents Questions

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Regarding professional writing, a person’s cover letter and reference sheet are good markers for a prospective employer to see a person’s level of professionalism. Having a cover letter and reference sheet with your resume is good practice but could potentially just be damaging if not written in a professional manner. Examples that come to mind with professional writing include accurate punctuation and spelling, appropriate language choices, and conscientious formatting. On the other hand, examples of unprofessional could include using ‘text-talk’, writing with a rude tone, and poor grammar.

With regards to the provided cover letter and reference sheet, the immediate reaction is that it is written with an arrogant tone, as seen by the language choices made by the writer. Also, it lacks a sense of professionalism with the way the letter is both addressed and closed, as it has a lack of formality that one would expect from a potential employee. To go with the cover letter, the reference sheet has minimal details and seems very rushed in both appearance and structure. Overall, both examples would need to be revised to become appealing to a potential employer.

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