Wake Technical Community College Designing a Experimental Study Paper

What we want to do is a study on: Is the risk of drug abuse higher in male or female college students.

We need to answer these questions in detail.

  1. Choose a research topic in the area of mental health or health behaviors? (mental health conditions, chronic illness, smoking, substance abuse, etc.)
    1. What is the population and sample?
    2. What is the research question?
    3. What is the hypothesis?
  2. Key Variables. Independent variables and dependent variables.
    1. What are the IV and DVs? How will they be defined and measured?
    2. If using an experimental design, what are the groups or treatment conditions?
    3. Scales of measurement (NOIR)
  3. What Research strategy will you use and why?
    1. Descriptive, correlational, or experimental?
  4. What is the research methodology
    1. True experiment or Quasi?
    2. How will you sample/ recruit participants?
  5. Bonus: Data analysis- What data analysis would you used to analyze your data

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