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Video and Reality Bytes Films Discussion No unread replies. No replies. Please discuss the films you watched in this module. You must discuss The Times of Harvey Milk and The Fog of War. What did you think of these movies? What did you think of Harvey Milk? Did the documentary portray his life well? What did you think of Robert S. McNamara? Did he feel bad about WWII? About Vietnam? Was he apologizing for Vietnam? What lessons did he discuss in The Fog of War? Please write at least three thoughtful paragraphs and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. AND answer both questions: What did you think of the mother with Alzheimer’s Disease in Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter? How did this interview impact you? What did you think of Eyes on the Prize, La Ofrenda, and Hollywood Chinese? How do you feel about their portrayals of racial/ethnic diversity? Requirements: 1 | .doc file

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