UWF Bouquet International Customer Service Manager Business Letter

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Your employer is Swiss-based Bouquet International, which offers same-day florist delivery of fresh flowers, plants and gifts to customers all over the world. They have a global network of 20,000 associated florists and their company’s cheerful motto is: “Express yourself with a bouquet!” Your company is headquartered in Switzerland at Stiegengasse 5, CH-8065 Zurich, phone + 41 (0) 45 763 36 77.

You received a letter from a frustrated customer, Randy Pettit, at 15 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023.

Randy planned to surprise his girlfriend with beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day. He placed an online order with your company Bouquet International. The roses, however, arrived by FedEx in a box the day after Valentine’s Day, and Randy’s girlfriend refused to sign for them because she could hear the sound of broken glass in the box. Three days later the same package was delivered to Randy’s girlfriend again; she was out at that moment so someone else signed for the package. Not only was his Valentine’s Day surprise ruined, but he was also charged for the dead flowers and broken vase. Randy wrote an angry letter demanding that the charge of $73.25 be credited back to his card; he expressed such dismay he is threatening to move his business elsewhere.

You must write an adjustment letter in response to Randy Pettit.

You contact your shipping department about order 106928959 to find out if more instances of broken vases have been reported or if this situation was an unfortunate but isolated incident. You also leave a voicemail message with your contact at FedEx to find out why the package was delivered a second time when it should have been returned after the first refusal to accept it. So far you have not heard from your shipping department or from your contact at FedEx. Your boss asks you to go ahead and credit him the $73.25 and try to rebuild Randy’s trust since he is a frequent customer. Mr. Pettit’s past orders show he has ordered expensive flowers and live plants from your company for the past three years. Many of his orders were for large-scale corporate events in Paris and Rome. Tell him to check his next credit card statement for his refund. Your boss has also authorized you to offer Randy a discount off of his next order with Coupon Code BLOOMS4U, allowing you to decide the amount of discount you feel necessary to repair the situation.

Draft the adjustment letter to Randy Pettit, accomplishing the business tasks and attempting to restore his faith in your company at the same time.

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