UT Ontario Employers Liability for Employees Exposed to COVID 19 Debate Discussion

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Attached is the requirements for the debate brief, the chosen debate is #1 :Ontario employers should be held responsible for employees who are exposed to
Covid at work.


As mentioned in the attached document, requirements are:

What are the 3-4 best arguments for your side?

2. What are the 3-4 best arguments against your side?

3. How do the authors debate these points? (For example, how do academics who advocate
increasing the minimum wage answer the argument it leads to unemployment?)

4. What are a few other arguments for your side? What is the evidence for these points?

Once you have reached this point in your research, you will be ready to write your brief. Your
brief should be constructed in the following manner:

1. Cover page (does not count toward the page count)

2. A short overview of the 3-4 most important arguments in the debate (1-2 pages)

3. The arguments you will advance and the evidence you have for these arguments (3-5 pages)

4. The arguments you anticipate your opponents will raise and how you will answer their
positions (1-2 pages)

5. Reference section

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