Using The Data On Equipment Costs Given In This Chapter Or Commercial Cost Estimatin 1767596

Using the data on equipment costs given in this chapter or commercial cost estimating software, estimate the cost of the following equipment:

a. A shell and tube heat exchanger, heat transfer area 50 m2, floating head type, carbon steel shell, stainless steel tubes, operating pressure 25 bar

b. A kettle rebuilder, heat transfer area 25 m2 , carbon steel shell and tubes, operating pressure 10 bar c. A horizontal, cylindrical, storage tank, 3 m diameter, 12 m long, used for liquid chlorine at 10 bar, material carbon steel

d. A plate column, diameter 2 m, height 25 m, stainless clad vessel, 20 stainless steel sieve plates, operating pressure 5 bar

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