Using The Data In The Option 2 Spreadsheet Linked At The Bottom Of The Page Perform 2663503

Using the data in the Option 2 Spreadsheet (linked at the bottom of the page), perform the accounting required for the formation, operations, and liquidation of the SPLIT Partnership. Within the worksheet, you are to:

  1. Perform the required journal entries
  2. Update the partnership financials after each set of transactions. There are three sets—formation set, operation set, and liquidation set.

Complete all work on the spreadsheet attached to this assignment; it will be your only deliverable.

Part 1: Perform for all partnership formation transactions

Part 2: Perform for all operational and liquidation transactions

Make sure to label your answers and provide support where needed. Your responses should be complete, well written, and in conformity with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Hi, I attached the Excel file and it has the solution of this part of question. I need help with a written part please. It has to be in a separate word office document. The writing has explanation , analysis and 3 references. The document is 3 pages long.

Prof. Angela


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